A rant with more colour and flair than the costumes criticised. Had to reblog it!

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I am anticipating a sudden drop in my number of online friends and an immediate rise in hatemail. Why? Because today I am calling out cosplay girls.

I am a science fiction fan, and I mean that in the “I know who Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Sheckley, Fredirik Pohl and a whole bunch of other people you have no idea are because you think watching 6 seasons of Lost made you a hardcore Sci-Fi fan” and you’d think that I would be all about hot chicks picking up on my interests, but I am not. Why? Because these girls, as a general rule, suck.

The first thing about cosplay girls is that their average age is 11-17 years old. Now, I don’t have my law degree by any means but I am pretty sure that even SEEING a girl who is 14 and thinks a public appropriate outfit is one where…

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Definition of Terrorism (


Terrorism \Ter”ror*ism\, n. [Cf. F. terrorisme.]

  1. The act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a mode of government by terror or intimidation. –Jefferson.
    [1913 Webster]
  2. The practise of coercing governments to accede to political demands by committing violence on civilian targets; any similar use of violence to achieve goals.

“Type More, Do Less” – F# ASP.NET MVC 3

EDIT: I had plans on making my own MVC3 project, either hybrid or complete F#, but alas, someone beat me to it. :)

I recently downloaded a Visual Studio project template enabling F# users to finally do a full-scale ASP.NET MVC3 development project. For those familiar with the default HomeController class (usually seen in the regular C# based ASP.NET MVC3 projects), here’s example code:

namespace FSharpMVC3.Web.Controllers

open System.Web
open System.Web.Mvc

type HomeController() =
    inherit Controller()
    member x.Index () : ActionResult =
        x.ViewData.["Message"] <- "Welcome to ASP.NET MVC!"
        x.View() :> ActionResult
    member x.About () =
        x.View() :> ActionResult

Now, see, isn’t that a lot less code? This is what I’ve been on about regarding F#: It’s clean, gets to the point of the matter, and does more in less lines of code, and with less of the syntactical ceremony that comes with C#, even VB.NET.

…Unless, of Course, There’s a DISASTER

A tornado ripped through our neighbourhood recently, and I’m assembling some video for display of the damage it had done. Tornadoes aren’t generally known to blow through my area, as usually the Appalachian Foothills break up most rough weather.

For now, here’s a peek at what reporters eat in the wild: